Saturday, May 9, 2009

I can't reply

Three people have left comments that they want to help, but two of you did so using the no reply thingy and I can't reply to you. Please leave a comment with your email address, or sign in when you comment so I can have a way to get a hold of you and send you my address. Pretty please :)

The question was asked on the size of the quilts. I have been making them about 48 x 60 ish.

The stripie quilts are the width of the fabric, about 42 inches wide by about 60 inches long, but sometimes I make them bigger and sometimes smaller. Kids come in all sizes. The kids in Kazakhstan are smaller than the kids in America for their ages. Skinnier too. The kids in the orphanage are from about 3-14 years old I believe (if it is like the other orphanage we sent to) so think about your little one if you are making a quilt top or blocks.

But, remember, these children have nothing! They are treated as less than dogs and have been thrown away by their parents. Some of them still have parents, but the parents cannot afford to take care of all of the children they have, so they pick a couple and drop them off at the orphanage. I couldn't imagine choosing which of my children to abandon. Although I do threaten them from time to time when they are fighting!

Anything you would want to make and send, or anything you have that you think is ugly, these children will love and cherish because it is the only thing they will be able to call their own.

At this time we will only be sending quilts because we will need 150 of whatever it is so each child gets one. So, we cannot take scarves and socks and mittens, unless you want to send 150 of them.

Also, I was asked what kind of batting for the quilts. I use the poly batting I buy on the roll at JoAnn's. It comes 10 yards to a roll and I can get it for about $7 a roll with my 40% coupon. I love when I can get a 50% coupon and get frustrated that they don't stock enough when they have a sale. I go through batting like water around here and it is just about the only thing I am buying now since most of the fabric I have has been donated.

So, if you want to help, please leave a comment and a way to get ahold of you. I have been working hard at sorting fabric so the ladies in my church can cut it and pass it on to the other ladies who are sewing. I have a couple of people who are going to learn to sew this summer, when school gets out for me and I have the time to sit down with them and teach them. One is a little girl about 10 years old. I'm so excited!

My 13 year old is also going to be helping out and my 11 year old son too.


Becky said...

Hi. I can probably help, at least with some fabric to go with what you have. Could you post some pictures on your blog of what you have, so I can see if I have something to help make it fun for a child? Could you also please check about the size. My guild makes quilts to go to "Russia" and they specify 50 x 80" - to fit the beds in the orphanage. I think I am set up for emails. If not, you could visit my blog and click on email me and it links to my email.

Kathy T. said...

I'd be happy to send a finished quilt. I am binding it now and it measures 42x65. My niece was adopted from Kazakhstan and is a joyful little blessing to the family. Please email an address to mail the quilt to. Thanks for the opportunity to help.

Kathy T.