Saturday, May 2, 2009

A day late

But worth the wait. I finished Kristin's quilt yesterday and am very pleased with how it turned out. I learned a thing or two on this quilt. You know how everyone says to cut the back 4 inches bigger than the top for quilting? Well, I have never done this and never had problems before on my quilts. Well, this quilt I had problems! For some reason, the top stretched way more than any other top and the back was too small. No problem. I would just add to the back after I quilted it. Yeah, that wasn't fun. I had to add to both sides of the back after quilting. You can see where I added in the picture of the back and it doesn't look bad, it was just a pain to do. I had to add about 2 inches to each side of the backing fabric, after the quilt was quilted. If I didn't tell on my mistake, nobody would notice, but this is a warning to everyone, you need to cut your backing fabric 4 inches bigger than your top, to account for the stretch factor in the seams from the top. Lesson learned :)

Now for the goals for this month.

I have a t shirt quilt to make for the principal who is leaving our school

I have a quilt to make for my son's preschool room mom

Graduation quilt for a good friend who 'finally' graduated from college :)

Bind the 15 quilts that are waiting so patiently on my railing

That's a good start. I would also like to cut as many quilts as I can for a friend who is sewing them together faster than I can cut them. I will be busy quilting this summer for sure!

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Lori in South Dakota said...

Ahh--I had the same sort of lesson when my BATTING was a bit (almost an INCH) too short once. Teach me to measure closer! Laughed at your comment on Featherstone Quilts--I would gladly come help you organize your stash, and the strippie quilts are an excellent way to reduce your stash. Keep plugging along!