Tuesday, May 12, 2009

can't stop

I quilted three, count them, three quilts today. And I worked a full day at work. I can't believe it. I just can't stop. I'm having so much fun. And to think a couple of weeks ago, I was in a quilting funk. I feel so energized and excited about quilting again with the change in scenery of the quilting machine. It is in the dining room which is my sewing room, which is in the center of the house. I am not isolated anymore in a dark room, but in the lightest room of the house and can see outside to the sunshine and trees and birds and hear the kids playing. I'm close enough to the kitchen to hear the food cooking so I can sneak in a quick stitch or two between stiring dinner. It's crazy!

I finished up a quilt this morning before work and then quilted two more this evening.

Simple meander on one, some swirls on another and wonky feathers on the third. Lots of practice. On the third quilt I used up lots of bobbins that were half way filled. I was running out of empty bobbins and had all of these half filled ones so decided to use them all up. It didn't matter the color, I just used what I had and emptied about 10 bobbins on the last small quilt. That felt really good too. Now, I have room for the next quilt so I can fill several bobbins at once.

And there are only 17 days of school left! If I'm this productive on a work day, imagine how much I can get done if I don't have to leave the house :)


Grandma said...

I don't know how you do it, working full time and a family too. I am home all day and my husband here only half the time and the kids have left the nest and I can't seem to get too much quilting done. I have lots of quilts here for foster kids and never seem to get to them. You are wonder woman!!! Keep up the good work. Diane in Alaska

Glasgow Lindsay said...

I think your choosing to move what room you quilt in was a great idea. Sometimes you need to be in the right physical space as well as mental space before you can get back on track again.

We moved house (well flats) last year and it has made such a difference to my whole outlook on life! Your change of scene is sure doing you good especially as it means you are enjoying your quilting again.

I do love seeing all that you make with fabric it is such a pleasure to stop by your blog!