Saturday, May 9, 2009

what have I gotten myself into?

I started this morning cleaning and organizing the sewing room. My oldest comes back from college in 2 weeks and will need her room back so she has some place to sleep. Right now, it is filled with my quilting machine and rolls and rolls of batting. I always think I can do more than I really can and the room is a total disaster. Plus it doesn't help to get side tracked because I am now sorting through fabric as I find more boxes that match some of the stuff that needed that third piece. Anybody want to come over and finish this for me?
I may even post pictures later, as another way to procrastinate. What I really need to be doing is working on the quilt for my principal. But I don't see that happening because I can't see the cutting table anymore. It is about 2 feet under piles of fabric!
Help me!

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