Saturday, May 30, 2009

15 minutes

What can you do in 15 minutes? Well, today I set the timer and got to work. I worked in the kitchen in 15 minute periods and did 4 of those. Got the fridge cleaned out, counters cleared off and dishes done. 15 minutes at a time.

I also started trimming quilts and got 8 of them done in two 15 minute time periods. I still have another 10 to do (or more, I can't remember) and I realized that I shouldn't put this off for so long. It isn't a hard job to do, but when the quilts start to stack up, it makes the job tiring.

I graded papers 15 minutes at a time and have them all graded, now just to spend tomorrow entering them all into the computer so the last week of school can actually be enjoyable.

I even spent 15 minutes sewing a quilt for a family that is adopting two little ones. I am about half way done with the sewing thanks to a super simple pattern from and I look forward to finishing up the top tomorrow and maybe even quilting it...15 minutes at a time.

Some days just have to go that way.


Bonnie said...

Boy do I relate to 15 minutes of grading papers. I used to do that. Thank heavens I am retired! Amazing what you can do when you realize you only have to do it for 15 minutes. Then, when the required time is up you can continue if you want and it really doesn't seem as bad.

Glasgow Lindsay said...

The 15 minute slot idea sounds like a good one when you are leading such a busy life. It seems to be working for you as I am always impressed at how much you get done on your lovely quilts and that is with working and having children to look after!

The only thing I 'time' is my computer time (so I don't strain my eyes) and that is with an hour long slot (and I need to use a ringing timer) and still I get cross about it most times rather than thinking of it as helpful(even thought it is!)

Last time I stopped by your blog someone had asked you about making a t-shirt quilt and now the quilt is made and up on the blog. Well done you! And the t-shirt quilt looks great too!