Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I can't find my camera

I had it on Saturday for the science fair and I know I brought it home and it is no where to be found. I didn't figure you wanted me to ramble on and on with out seeing pictures of the quilts I am working on, so I haven't written. How's that for an excuse for being quiet.

Plus, there is a lot of stress in my life right now. With only 12 days of school left and a huge pile of papers to grade I feel like every day I am getting further behind in where I need to be. I thought with the science fair over, I could do some catching up, but there is always one more thing to be working on.

The kids are so done with school and honestly I am too. My mind is on summer vacation and my daughter coming home next Monday.

The special election in California failed yesterday and it looks like they will be cutting school days from next year, which means for a two teacher household about 10% of our salary will be cut. While I will enjoy the days off, I will not enjoy the pay cut. I know the Lord will take care of our needs but it means less trips through the drive through, less spontaneous purchases and perhaps the changing of our summer vacation plans :( That one I will miss the most. We had talked of a family reunion with my brother, sister and parents this summer, but for now everything will have to wait until the budget gets figured out for next school year. I'll find some way to get there, but I may have to ride my bicycle :) Hey, think of how good of shape I will be in.

If you see my camera laying around, could you let me know? I've looked everywhere logical, which means it is probably under the bed or in the fridge or something.

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