Monday, May 11, 2009

back in business!

I have been working hard to get things ready for my daughter to come home from college. I had no idea how much my quilting took over the house until I tried to move it all back into the room that I call my sewing room. This weekend I spent about 8 hours working in there and am no where near done, but I do have my quilting machine set back up and have quilted two quilts. It feels so good to be quilting again. I figure if I'm going to reach my goal of 150 quilts by the end of the summer I had better get busy. Plus, it is such a great stress reliever, when the thread doesn't break a million times. The first quilt I did, I had that problem. I'm not sure if it was the backing fabric, the cotton batting or the needle, but after changing the needle, the thread only broke 3 more times, so it was a combination of all three maybe. On the second quilt, the thread never broke and I used a flannel backing, and different thread, but the same needle.

It was so funny this morning because my 5 year old had to charge his video game and seems like the only outlet was right under my feet. Literally. I had to keep stepping over him with every sweep of the quilting machine. I just laughed and realized that soon enough he will be gone and out from 'under foot' and I will miss him But I did get my morning workout of stretching and stepping, that's for sure.

Hope you are enjoying your quilting as much as I am.

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