Thursday, May 28, 2009

is it summer yet?

No, I didn't think so, but just had to ask. Only 6 days of school left and I'm sooooo ready. The kids are ready too. I've had to 'talk' to them much more often this week than all of the school year added together. They are just doing dumb things and not staying on task and wanting to play. Hey, I want to play too, but we can't do that just yet! Three real days of classes and three days of finals and then we are done for another year.

Things are pretty stressful around school too. Nobody knows what is going to happen next year with the schedules and class sizes and length of the school year. Looks like they are going to shorten the school year by 7 days, increase the class sizes by 6-8 students per class and cut a whole bunch of teachers. Plus, they expect us to increase test scores, maintain classroom discipline and keep a smile on our faces.

People have short tempers and complain a lot, which only adds to the stress level. The kids pick up on that and the cycle continues. I know we all need a nice long summer, away from each other to rest and relax. At least I know how I am going to be spending my summer! I have plenty of fabric to keep me busy and a goal of 150 quilts by the end of the summer will definately fill my days. I figure if I can quilt 3 a day, I should be able to make it. That will be a lot of pictures on the blog :)

The kids will be working on their sewing skills as well this summer. The more the merrier and it will give them some entertainment on the hot days too. Of course, we will do swimming and tennis and bike riding and maybe even a nap or two (those are all mine!).

I'm almost ready to count the hours. That will start next week :)

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