Saturday, April 4, 2015

puppy love

 Can you stand a little puppy cuteness?  Star is such a good little dog it is hard to imagine someone losing him and not going looking for him.  He was picked up in a neighboring town and has been at the shelter over 2 weeks so either escaped and the owner never thought to go looking for him, or let him out or moved without taking him with them.  At any rate, we are blessed to welcome him into our home.  He doesn't bark (yet) and is super gentle with everyone.
 We took him to get a collar and tag today and came home with a little shirt (yes, I've become one of THOSE dog owners) and some toys and treats.  $80 later and this little guy is super spoiled!  I don't even know if he likes toys.  My other dogs don't, but if not, I will send the toys to my daughter's dog who is toy crazy.
My son is totally in love with this little guy.  He snuggles with him every chance he gets.  Star doesn't like his collar so I'm guessing he never wore one before and he doesn't know what to do on a leash.  He will learn.  My other dogs LOVE their daily walks and so I got a double harness so they can go crazy together while I have Star on a leash by himself.  He's a bit timid when out in public so for a while we will only take him out in the back field area.  Between that and our big backyard, he will get plenty of exercise to work off all the extra treats he is getting.  He sure is spoiled.  I wonder what he is thinking!


Jenny said...

It's always great to see rescue dogs going to a loving home great to see your son loves him.
How is your quilting machine going? You haven't posted about it for a while

Farm Quilter said...

Star and Tara, two of a kind! Even their coloring is so close! Tara got used to her collar and being on a leash (good thing because the day after I rescued her we had a 750 mile drive home). She loves her travel crate with a quilt on the bottom and minkee blankets on top so she can burrow in them and make a nest. She also has clothes - it's cold in Washington - but works her way out of them as the first opportunity as she doesn't like them at all! So glad Star has such a loving family to call his!!