Sunday, April 19, 2015

Little dog saying quilts

 I love my embroidery machine.  While my quilting machine was broken, I got these embroidery designs and stitched out quite a few sayings onto some donated linen fabric from a friend's wedding tablecloth fabric that was leftover.  Then, yesterday I made these little tops and quilted them up after finishing up the quilt with the dog print quilting design on it.  I plan to donate them to a local rescue group so they can sell them to raise some money to help with food or vet bills.  They can be used as either wall hangings or little quilts for the dogs to sit on.
 I will give them to my friend at work who does a lot of the bindings for me and I'm sure she will get them finished pretty quickly.  She hasn't been doing many bindings lately since I haven't been quilting for the last 5 months.  Carla has been keeping steady at it.  She devotes the 3rd week of the month to Binky Quilts.  I hope my binding friends are ready to get back to work.  I'm starting to crank out the quilts again and will be putting them to work again.  Plus, summer is coming!
I have a whole bunch of these different embroidery designs.  Some I got for free and some I paid for.  I will have to look up where I ordered them from and where I downloaded them from.  I'm not very good at keeping track.  But, when I do figure it out, I will post it on the blog.

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