Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lead me not into temptation

This morning I had to go on Amazon to get some books for my daughter's birthday.  She is so funny and is still asking for more and more books for her birthdays.  She is in grad school for creative writing and has known that she wanted to be a writer since she wrote her first book at age 4.

Well, when you check out of Amazon, it takes you to a Suggestions for You page and guess what books they suggeted I buy?  More quilt books!  Good thing I had to go to work or I might have been tempted to get another quilt book.

Then, at the grocery store, I went down the magazine isle.  Our WinCo has the biggest selection of magazines of any grocery store I've seen.  Even more than WalMart.  I looked at a couple of quilt magazines and one had quite a few quilts I thought I would make.  But then I thought about my challenge and how I haven't even started the first quilt yet.  Surely I could make it through a day without buying a new quilt book. 

Someone needs to stop me.  There is just too much temptation out there!

Off to cut up some fabric.  I have a baby quilt to make.

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