Sunday, April 14, 2013

How do you feel about minkie?

  • I have a love - hate relationship with it.  I love the feel of it and how soft it is.  I hate how it stretches and makes so much lint and fuzz.  Someone gave me a huge piece of the purple minkie and I'm using it up.  It takes up so much space on the shelf and I've been moving it around for over a year.  No time like the present to get it out of here and used and loved.  I just hope my binding buddy doesn't mind sewing the binding to these two quilts.  Minkie is really slippery too.  Maybe you have a trick or two for sewing with it?  I know they sell a lot and almost every baby I see around town has a minkie blanket.  Someone must have a tip on using it for backing.

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LJ said...

I used minkee for backing on a baby quilt. The research I did (asking others) led me to spray baste. It really holds it in place which is important because of that stretch - I also pin basted cuz I was paranoid! I have a serger and every time I had a raw edge, I serged it to keep the fuzzies from becoming a problem. When I got it home froom the LQS, I immediately serged the 2 raws and continued doing that; it worked great!