Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bonus Quilt

 Yesterday when I finished this quilt top, I realized I had cut WAY too many 3 1/2  x 6 1/2 inch pieces.  So, I started sewing them together in pairs and making the twisted block below.  I had enough for this big 4x6 block quilt.  Yeah, I think I went a bit overboard on cutting the pieces.  I still have a few left and they will find their way into another quilt coming up soon.  The top quilt is from my Quilt Book Challenge, and the bottom quilt is from a pattern I got a long time ago and never used.  Do books and patterns have a shelf life, or are they timeless, like fabric?

I've had a killer migraine all weekend and today was the worst.  I took medicine, drank water, went for a walk, took a nap and quilted and the migraine is still there, laughing at me.  I don't think this new medicine is working any more than the old one.  The doctor said to give it 6-12 weeks and this is the end of week 4.  I just wish you knew in one day if something was going to work or not.  Plus, this new medicine (propranolol) gives the added side effect of swollen ankles.  Doctor can't figure out what that's about either.  I went to see him a month ago and he said to try and drink more water when I had a migraine.  So, I started drinking a liter a day.  Not even the recommended 8, 8 oz glasses.  When I told him how much I was drinking, he almost jumped out of his chair and said I was drinking too much.  What?  I think I should quit my full time job and study everything that affects migraines.  maybe I could find a cure.  Sure doesn't seem like anybody else is out there looking :(