Friday, April 5, 2013

Garden Planted

Ace is having a sale on tomato plants.  They are 88 cents and the cages are 77 cents so I figured it was now or never to get in a garden this year.  The past couple of years I haven't had any garden, even though we put in this raised bed about 3 years ago.  I just couldn't get out there to water it and the first time I planted, everything died.  Now that I have a sprinkler system for my new lawn, it also waters the garden.

I put in 8 tomato plants (one in the back flower bed) and 2 zucchini.  I put some egg shells around the zucchini because I have dogs and can't use snail bait.  This is Mandy, my 13 year old boxer/lab who had to check out the egg shells and sample them.  Between the dog and the snails, I'm doubtful I will get any zucchini, but I can hope.  I will either get too many or not enough.  Can never get just the right amount of zucchini.


Farm Quilter said...

Did you know that snails like beer? If you bury a plastic cup with about an inch of the cup above the soil, put a couple of inches of beer in there, the snails crawl in there and drown. I don't think the dog would like the beer and if he did drink some, it probably wouldn't hurt him.

Needled Mom said...

There is nothing like the rewards from the garden. I hope they do great!