Sunday, April 7, 2013

Interesting walk today

Hubby and I walk almost every day.  Today we wanted to try a new path and had our daughter drop us off a couple miles from home.  We walked along the bike path for a bit and then past a park.  We had seen on that there was a path from the back of the park.  You had to go through a gate and there was a sign on the gate (that was open) that read, State Land, no personal vehicles.

I wasn't too sure about going that way, but my husband said that since the sign didn't say anything about no tresspassing, we should be good.

We walked and walked and came upon a house.  There was a lady in the yard and a dog ran out to chase us down.  She yells at us that the dog is friendly and calls Pueblo back to her.  He comes after us again and we ran a bit to get away from him.  We kept walking.

We were getting closer to the state prison and could see inside the fences.  There were no prisoners out in the yard and I couldn't see anyone up in the guard towers either.

We came to a building that had a lot of student desks outside and it looked like one of those places you go to get murdered in the movies.

We kept walking and came upon another road that had a speed limit 15 sign on it and a couple signs that said private dump, no dumping.

We kept walking and walking and then saw a police car up at the top of the hill.  He was driving away from us and then turned around and stopped.  We decided we had better go up to him to see if it was ok for us to be on that road and then saw right behind his car a sign that said State Practice Range.

As we got to his car, he got out and asked us what we were doing there.  We explained our walk and he asked for ID.  Of course, we don't carry ID when we go for a walk.  I just carry my phone and hubby carries his IPOD.

The State Police guy said we were WAY out of bounds and he had called another guy to come take us back to our car.  We explained that our daughter had dropped us off and we didn't have ID.  After questioning us for about 10 minutes, the second police guy took us back down the road, asking questions all the way.  He said the house we had gone past was the warden's house and that the lady should have known we shouldn't be there.

When he brought us back to the park, they took our information and warned us not to go there again. 

Now I can say I've ridden in the back of a State Patrol Car and cross that one off my bucket list :)

Will be looking over my shoulder for a little bit just in case they are following me.  I'm sure they have nothing better to do.


Farm Quilter said...

Guess you'll check more than mapmywalk from now on!! What a great story, but probably scary too!!! Love your pictures of iris - my favorite flower!!!

Needled Mom said...

That WAS an interesting adventure!

Quiltingranny said...

At least it is a story that can be told over and over again!