Saturday, November 3, 2012

what stalls your quilting efforts?

What part of the quilting process causes you to stop or stall on a quilt?  Is it the endless choices of fabric, the right pattern, cutting all of those tiny pieces, picking a border, backing or quilting design?  How about putting the binding on the quilt?

One of my quilts can get stalled anywhere along the trip.  I have two patterns I just bought to make quilts for my older daughter.  She picked one and I picked the other, but that's as far as I am on that one.

I have three quilts in the 'started to be cut out' stage and just can't seem to want to work on them now.

I can't even tell you how many quilt tops I have that really could use a border, not only to make them a bit bigger, but to finish off the look of the quilt.

I get stuck picking out backing fabrics and that's why I'm so thankful my younger daughter is still home and still willing to help me whenever I ask.

For me, the quilting part isn't hard.  I have my Janome 1600P DB machine on an original Handi Quilter frame and a small quilt takes about 15 minutes.  Big quilts take maybe 30 minutes.  While my quilts will never win a quilting competition, the quilting I do gets the job done and looks ok to boot.

I don't really enjoy binding a quilt and am so thankful to have TWO binding buddies now.  My friend Judy is bringing me a whole car load of quilts that she recently finished.  I told her yesterday I was really sorry I hadn't done any quilting in a couple weeks since I saw her last.  She said it was ok, but now I'm back at quilting and will have a little surprise for her tomorrow :)

I have two more quilts I need to put bindings on myself.  I did one this morning and it only takes about 30 minutes to bind by machine, so I don't know why I stall out here, but maybe it is wrangling the quilt in the small sewing space I have.

I challenge you to spend 15 minutes tackling the job you hate the most and see just how far it gets you in the project.  You will be 15 minutes closer to finishing up a quilt that you can gift for Christmas or give to a hurting child.

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