Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Quilt collection

I am an area coordinator for Binky Patrol

We make and give quilts and blankets to kids in crisis.  Whenever there is an emergency, we pull together from all over the US and ramp up our efforts to comfort kids.  I can only imagine what the kids of NY and NJ are experiencing now.  Many have lost homes and belongings to the floods and fires.  The pictures on TV don't seem real to me.

If you are feeling like I am and want to do something, but sending money to the Red Cross (who takes out a significant portion for their 'overhead' costs) just isn't your thing, maybe you can make and send a quilt or two.

Here's the address to send them to.  Binky Patrol has been around for 16 years.  It is a name you can trust.

Binky Patrol South Carolina
140 Collumwood Circle
West Columbia, SC

I'd love to help every scared and hurting child, but I can only do what I can do.  Of course, when I asked that we collect 300 quilts for Japan after the tsunami, we collected and sent 1144!

Thanks for helping if you can!

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