Saturday, November 3, 2012

Having a cause

I still have a goal of finishing 100 quilts from the beginning of school (Aug) to the end of the year and for about 3 weeks just haven't felt much like quilting.  I was busy sewing the tops for the Aurora victim's family members and my neighbor's mom.  So, I wasn't doing anything, but I wasn't cranking through the tops like I needed to.

Today will be spent finding backing fabric for my many quilt tops and then quilting some of them.  Next weekend is a Quilt Day at Carla's house and we will be making Christmas stockings for our returning wounded troops that travel through Travis Air Force Base.  But from the response of people who are coming, we will have plenty of workers to help cut fabric and sew more quilt tops.

Having a cause really motivates me to get off the couch and get working.  How about you?

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