Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday???

I looked through every ad that came in the paper yesterday and couldn't find a single thing I wanted this year.  Either I have way too much stuff, or I'm tired of chasing things looking for happiness.  I have been to JoAnn's on Black Friday before for the flannel when it was $1 a yard and bought 60 yards that sat for years before finally getting used.  I love the feel of flannel and I love a flannel quilt back, but other than that, I really don't like sewing with flannel much.  How many pairs of pajamas can you own?  I'd rather sit home and clean, quilt, crochet and rest up for the next few weeks of school.  Our semester ends on December 20 and I have way too many things to teach before then.  I also have a huge pile of work needing grading next to me, but that is low priority right now.  My husband is also a teacher (Government and Economics) and has been grading about 10 hours a day since last Saturday.  With the budget cuts, the schools just load up the classrooms with as many bodies as will fit (sometimes more!) and he has about 200 students.  He had this huge election project due right before the break and that's what he's been working on.  He can get about 3 done an hour.  Plus tests, other assignments and having to stop to go to the bathroom every once in a while, the poor guy hasn't seen much of a vacation.

I did order some more Kodel batting from because of the 50% coupon.  So depressing that I could get the exact same thing a month ago for under $40 delivered and now it is $56.  I haven't found batting any cheaper and I've looked everywhere.  With a $30 price jump overnight, the days of cheap batting are gone :(

If anyone has a less expensive place to get batting, please let me know!  I go through a lot around here :)

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Farm Quilter said...

I bought a roll of Hobbs 80/20 (queen size), I think it's 96" x 40 yards for about $120. I prefer Quilter's Dream batting or Warm and Natural, but they are too expensive now.