Thursday, November 22, 2012

More way

The big Turkey day is here and it was time to clean off the kitchen table.  If you are a quilter and have a Facebook account, you've seen the cute cartoon with the family sitting at the little foldable kiddie table and the dining room table covered in fabric, patterns and a sewing machine.  Well, that's my house plus kid papers, random things that have no home and other misc junk.  Since I had to clean off the table (only took 5 minutes...why do I procrastinate?) I thought I'd clear out some of my flannel too.  I set up the serger, spent 30 minutes threading it again! and pulled out two buckets of flannel.  The big pieces have been turned into these nice receiving blankets.  I LOVED the ones my mom made my kids because they were bigger than the store bought ones and could wrap up a baby nicely.  They wash up so well too and lasted through all 4 kids. I think I even still have them in a bucket in the garage along with lots of other things the kids had.  I have a terrible time letting go of things that are no longer useful to me.  I keep thinking that some time in the future my kids will want their kids to have their old clothes and toys.  I doubt they will, but still hold on just in case.

I whipped up these 7 receiving blankets in about an hour and found another bucket of large flannel pieces.

I used to go to the JoAnn's Black Friday sale just to get the flannel, but don't really like to sew with it.  I love using the serger and just finishing off the edges like this.

Then, I have a bucket of smaller pieces.  Not one to waste anything, I went searching for what to do with small flannel scraps and came across this pattern for a burp cloth.  I have a lot of batting scraps too, so those are in the works for some afternoon cutting and sewing.

Hope your Thanksgiving plans include a little family, a little fun and a little sewing time!

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Needled Mom said...

Great idea for the flannel and I like the idea of the burp cloths too.