Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Turning Twenty

Do you have that book?  It takes 20 fat quarters and makes a twin size quilt.  I used 12 blocks for this quilt which measures about 48x60 or so.  Perfect size for a big kid to cuddle under and I made 3 quilt tops in just under an hour from the blocks.  At our sew day last week, one of the ladies sewed a whole bunch of the blocks together but didn't know what to do from there.  I just made sure no two of the same fabrics were touching and sewed them together randomly.

One of the ladies from my Binky Patrol group had cut these last summer.  They have been waiting for their turn long enough!  I have enough backing fabric loaded on the machine to get one more done, most likely in the morning as the turkey is cooking.  I'm trying to clean my sewing room by sewing things together.  Not very quick, but at least I know the fabric will be out of the house soon.  If I just spent the whole time sorting and putting away, I would have a clean sewing room, but the fabric would all still be there.  See the logic behind my warped thinking?

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