Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hats anyone?

 I think I have gone a little overboard making hats lately!  These are not even all of them.  After I vacuum the stairs, I'm going to lay them all out to see if I can get a picture of all of them before I take most of them to the local Family Services.  They called last week asking if I could start gathering more hats and I told her I had quite a few done already.   She was so excited!  I love being able to fill a need when it arises.

I've also been giving the owl hats to friends with little ones.  I've also thought about selling them on etsy, but don't want to have to link my bank account to their website.  My daughters opened a shop last summer and when my daughter sold something, the paypal wouldn't go through until I registered my bank account.  Does anyone know how to get around doing that?  I'd love to use the money for postage.  Shipping for things like Superstorm Sandy can get quite expensive.
And here's a watermelon quilt in soft pastel colors.  It is super snuggly too.

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