Sunday, November 11, 2012

Quilt Day-BInky Patrol Day

 wow, what a day.  20 high school students showed up to help sort, cut and sew fabrics for stockings for our returning wounded soldiers.  We completed 150 and have at least that many in the process of being sewn.

 Of course, snacks were in order for the day and this time the kids worked more than they ate!

 We had a few boys sewing this time around and doing a great job.  These two are my kids, the boy in the striped shirt and the girl behind him.  My daughter organized all of the students and says we should expect twice as many tomorrow!  Yikes!

 The kids had a great time using the Accuquilt Studio fabric cutter to cut out stockings as well as other pieces for more quilts.  Carla always has a huge box or 12 of scraps for the kids to cut through.  By the time they are finished, we have a couple of bags of tiny scraps for dog bedding.  Nothing gets wasted around here.

 My son probably sewed 80-100 stockings by himself.  The kids sewed around the main stocking part, then sewed another piece for the top and I and another lady put the whole thing together.  We had a hard time keeping up with all of our student stocking makers.
 I love to listen to the conversations the kids have.  This teacher is mean, that one gives too much homework.  I"m just waiting for them to forget I'm in the room and to say something about me :)
We even had a couple of ladies working on quilts for Superstorm Sandy kids.  Several quilt kits were donated that were almost complete.  The ladies were trying to figure out what the original owner of the project was thinking and wondering why they gave up on the project.

Tomorrow is another quilt day.

Oh, and the news reporter came out from the local paper, so I expect we will have a story in there tomorrow.  She took a lot of pictures of me trying to thread the needle after I broke one.  My poor eyes aren't what they used to be!

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Andee said...

So happy to see so many teens doing something so selflessly! Way to go!!