Saturday, November 10, 2012

I've been busy

sitting on the couch and crocheting baby hats.  Lots of my friends say they want one or two for baby gifts or have a baby coming.  The owl hats take me about an hour and the other ones take about 30 minutes.  The repetitive nature of crocheting helps my migraines.  I've had a doozy of one this week.  Thursday and today I thought I was going to die from the pain.  Usually I can handle it, but this time it made me nauseous and I had to stop what I was doing (writing questions at school from the book on Thursday and come home from shopping today) because i was afraid I wouldn't make it.

I was really hopeful that the new medicine (Depakote) was going to be the wonder drug, but it isn't looking like that anymore. :(

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