Sunday, November 18, 2012

Oh, Baby!

Baby hats all going down the stairs in my house.  I couldn't figure out a better way to take their picture all at once!  Kinda makes me feel dizzy looking at it upside down like this.  There are 19 owl hats and 47 other baby hats.  Most of the regular baby hats will be dropped off at the Nurse Family Partnership tomorrow.  They called asking for some baby hats and I'm pretty sure they will be surprised at how busy I've been.

I've already given away 7 of the owl hats.

I just love using up my yarn, but there never seems to be any less.  The faster I crochet, the more people bring me!

My daughter and I even cleaned out the game closet today and I was pretty proud that we got rid of so much stuff.  One huge bag of trash from all the old games that don't have their pieces anymore and one big box of games to take to my son's school to see if they want them.  When I taught first grade, the kids would play games during rainy day recess.  I asked my son what they do and he says they play on the computers.  Hopefully someone will get some use out of these games.

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