Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thanksgiving Vacation

My Vacation time is starting off with a very bad cold.  Plans for today are to rest, rest, rest!  We all know that isn't going to happen.  I will be sewing and crocheting and doing some laundry, but hope to spend most of my day on the couch and taking a nap.  I completely lost my voice on Thursday evening and teaching yesterday was interesting.

Luckily my kids are really good this year.  I wrote on the board "I have completely lost my voice, but my hand still works for writing detentions."  They all thought that was really funny and when I would whisper, they would get really quiet.  The funny thing was when I whispered a question to the kids, they would whisper back to me :)

I did a lot of writing to get my teaching across to the kids and at the end of the day I can say that I survived!

This morning I have to take my son to a robotics competition and then this afternoon pick him up and take him to a band review.  He is a leader for the elementary school lego robotics team and has been working with the kids after school twice a week since school started.  He also helps out with the middle school kids two other days after school.  He is one busy kid!  This year he couldn't be in both band and robotics so chose jazz band and can still participate in all of the robotics events after school and on the weekends.  He is so busy that we rarely see him, but at least I know he is doing good things to occupy his time and still keeping straight A's.  When people say teens don't have a good work ethic, they haven't met my kids!

Well, better throw a jacket on and get out the door!  See you later with some pictures of the progress I've made this week on more hats.  Got a phone call from the Nurse Family Partnership asking if I had any hats and when I could deliver them.  I will be dropping them off on Monday.  Want to get a few more made by then.

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