Sunday, May 22, 2011

SLO Quilters Inc

I got two HUGE boxes of quilts from the San Luis Obispo Quilters Guild. These ladies have been busy! Seriously. Some of these quilts would have taken me my entire life to finish. Or probably longer because I would have given up before I was done.

One of the things I love about quilting is there are so many patterns and designs out there and always the next quilt is my favorite. I will never be able to try every pattern and I love being able to see all of these quilts and touch them. Even better than a quilt show where nobody is going to come along with white gloves and tell me to NOT TOUCH the quilts :)

And, if you want to come and touch the quilts, you had better hurry. I only have the quilts that have been stored in bags in the un-used shower and bathtub in my house left to pack. I have over 600 quilts packed and ready to ship and another about 200 quilts in my house. I'm guessing there are about 100 more that need or have binding that aren't at my house that will be done this week and who knows how many in the mail. That's a lot of quilts to touch! Talk about fabric overstimulation!

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