Saturday, May 7, 2011

Science Fair Day is Here!

This week has been consumed with Science Fair Stuff. I'm in charge, which means everything from picking up plaques to making sure the brochure is correct (even after typing it up 3 times there was still one group omitted and one name on there twice--sorry kids) to getting all of the donations to setting up the gym to signing everyone in and making sure all of the projects were in the right category.

There were 78 entries this year and all but 7 showed up yesterday. Last year, some showed up after I left and closed the doors. They found some custodians who were nice enough to let them in they locked gym :) Let's see who showed up this year.

Today will be a long day, but it is so worth it for the students. Many of the put their projects off until the last minute and they learn how planning is so important in life. Some of them worked together and they learned how life is unfair and how one person usually does all of the work. Some of them will learn that hard work really does pay off.

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