Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rhoda the binding beast is now a quilter!

A little while ago on Freecycle, a wonderful person gave me this quilting frame. I gave it to my friend Rhoda, the binding beast!

She didn't have a sewing machine that would work for her. So on yesterday I stopped at the local thrift store and found a machine for $11. It is an old Kenmore. I love my 2 Kenmore machines and this one is no different. We spent about an hour and a half today, taking the feed dogs out, working on the tension, figure out how to thread it and practicing. Rhoda is now a quilter! I need to find her a darning/quilting foot for the machine and get her some sewing machine oil and give her some of my needles and she needs to wind some bobbins, but she is ready to practice, practice, practice! We have one more quilter in our group :)

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SewCalGal said...

Welcome Rhoda to our wonderful world of quilting. I'm so happy to have you join us. Where ever you go in the world you can almost always find a quilter and we all have such fun.

Congratulations on your new Kenmore machine too. Great find at a thrift store and you can't go wrong at that price either.

Thanks Marilyn for all you do! Big hug.