Sunday, May 22, 2011

Band kids

The world of Band kids is a foreign language to many people. I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time in that world last year. My son is deeply immersed in this world and in order to have a conversation with him, I had to learn his language :)

This year, it got more serious! He became the drum major. He started carrying the big stick and spinning it ALL THE TIME! He practiced in the morning before school, after school, on the weekends and broke that $115 stick in no time at all. It was covered with duct tape and still he spun it over and over again.

He practiced marching and turning and calling and marching some more. That kids is very disciplined. If only those skills transferred over to cleaning his room!

So, yesterday was the big day when he finally got to lead the parade. He was ready! I was so proud. Man, do those kids walk fast! And play instruments! And have their music memorized. Nothing like I did when I was a kid. I was in the band too, but I wasn't very good. I played the clarinet, and the drums. Both pretty badly. Probably because I never practiced. I also played the piano, but not in the band. It is really hard to move a piano and walk.

But, have no fear. If you want to play a piano, you just get one of these things! My son says it is a xylaphone. I call it a tinkle, tinkle thingy. He plays it very well and boy, are they loud. They also move around and do tricks and stuff. These kids are crazy! And they practice a lot!

They got 3rd place for drumline. They were very excited.

They have a competition for all of the commands they do. There is a guy with a microphone who calls out the commands really fast, like simon says and tries to trick everyone and you have to go out if you miss something even by 1/2 a second and the last person standing wins. Two people from my son's school came in 1st and 2nd. They were so excited!

Finally, here's two of the giant trophies they won for Sweepstakes. That's the best you can do. Better than first place. My son didn't win anything for being the drum major, but they did get the best job for showmanship and musicality for parade so he helped with the first award. They must have liked how he looked at the front of the band. I know I sure did. But, then I'm his mom :)

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