Friday, May 20, 2011

North Wind Quilt Guild quilts

There were 61 quilts donated at the meeting I went to last month and then another 9 I believe donated on Wednesday. I forgot to bring them home with me, but will be picking them up on Sunday. These are the first pictures and more will be added as I can convince my 7 year old to stop playing video games long enough to take pictures for me :) He is such a good sport about it!

Who knows, he may even become a professional quilt photographer because of all of the experience he is getting at such a young age. People will ask, what made you decide to become a quilt photographer and he will say, my mom used to force me to take pictures of quilts when I was 4!

Yes, children of quilters almost have to love quilting as much as their mothers, or they grow up hating it so much, they will never touch a quilt as long as they live!

I'm fortunate that my kids don't complain too much.

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