Friday, May 20, 2011

from Cheri Havens

These quilts came from Cheri Havens and she was even so kind as to email me the pictures! Thanks so much Cheri. I'm in the process of boxing up all of the quilts now as I wait for final approval from Fed Ex for the free shipping.

My oldest daughter comes home next weekend (yikes) and I will need room for her and her boyfriend to sleep. So, I had better get busy putting quilts in boxes :)

My box collecting adventures couldn't be simple. Oh, no, where would the fun be in that?

I called my local WalMart to ask if they could hold some boxes for me. I figured I would need about 50 boxes for all of the quilts.

The first time I called, the lady said all of the managers were in a meeting and that if I called back the next day, that she was sure a manager would approve of holding boxes and I could come in at 7am and pick up as many boxes as I wanted.

This was Monday and it would be perfect because I could call Tuesday, and come in Wednesday because we have a special schedule on Wednesdays where we have a later start to do planning together as teachers.

So, I called back the next day and talked to a manager who said to come in before 4pm to pick up boxes. Well, that was a different plan, but ok, it would work too. I was going to have quilt day and could come in around noon to get the boxes.

I made a special trip and got there at noon to pick up the boxes. The lady said, I told you to get here at 4! I said, you said be here before 4. I thought you left work at 4 and didn't want to miss you.

She said, I leave at 8 and am not ready for you. please come back later. So, I came back around 5:30 and she said that she didn't have any good boxes that day to give to me but to come the next day and ask for James. He would save lots of good boxes for me.

So, yesterday I went back and asked for James. Well, the lady I asked said that James wasn't working and she was just about to throw out the boxes that were there because nobody told her anything about saving them! UGH!

So, she gave me about 6 small boxes. Then found me another 2. Not worth my time going back there :)

So, then I went dumpster diving behind my favorite Factory stores where I got all of my boxes when we moved. Problem was they had just had a pick up yesterday and the dumpsters were either empty, or the boxes were all the way at the bottom of the dumpster.

I had to use a board with nails on the end that I found and reach way down to the bottom of the dumpster to get the boxes out. I got another 5 or so boxes out, and figured I would either fall in and never get out or the security guy would come along and shoo me away!

I'll be going back today and hoping the boxes are up a little higher. I did keep the board with nails on the end, just in case :)


Nancy said...

Try asking for packing boxes on FreeCycle: I am sure someone will supply you with tons of them.

Cheri said...

Wow! What a nice surprise to find all my quilts on your blog! Moving companies will also sometimes have used boxes that they will give you or sell at a nominal fee. Can I still send another bunch? I have about 20 more done and several tops.

Suzanne Neuhaus said...

what is the size of these quits from Cheri. would like to make a note, would be good to know.

Suzanne Neuhaus said...

I'm going to be more specific. Cheri made several quilts with just 3 fabrics, sort of mix and match, with a large center square, rectangles on top, bottom and sides, and then corner squares. I would like to know about what size those quilts are. thanks