Sunday, May 15, 2011

more quilts are coming in the mail

I am running out of room in my house. That is a great thing. I am just running out of room to take pictures. I am waaaaaay behind on posting pictures of all of the great quilts that have been arriving by mail in the last couple of weeks. My front living (or should I say quilt) room is full of boxes that have been opened, but not unpacked and oogled over because I just don't have any other places in the house left to put the quilts.

This first quilt is from Jane Rosen in Texas. She also sent a Lone Star quilt top she picked up at an Estate Sale. It will be quilted this week. Stay tuned for that picture later :)

I am still working with Fed Ex on the free shipping. I have called in the backup friend of a friend who has now called in the big guns and has a chief assistant to the head of opperations or something like that working on the case :) I love it when the big guys get involved and say they will help. I should find out this week how they want me to pack everything for the shipment. Until then, things wait in boxes, bags, on top of beds and safely put, ready to get into the hands of the children in Japan who need these hugs from all of you! Thank you doesn't seem like enough.

This second quilt is fromSusan Kayar in Santa Fe, NM. It is HAND QUILTED. Did you hear me? WOW and WOW again! Love the crazy hearts. Can you feel the love? I sure can.

We are still working on this end too, with the quilt tops that have been sent along. We have two more quilt days planned. This Wednesday and Sunday are more quilting days. I'm thinking of taking 1/2 day on Wednesday because I don't want to miss out on the fun. We only have 14 days of school left so it is really hard to miss a day, but sometimes things in life are more important. I'm also trying to get the local news station to come out and cover the event. Hey, who doesn't want to be on TV? All my friends know I love to be on TV. I kissed a pig, just to be on TV (oh, yeah and to get my first grade class to read 1,000 books) and I was on TV when my 4H group made Christmas stockings for our Troops after 9/11. I've had my 15 seconds of fame twice now, but if this calls attention to the children of Japan and the fact that they still need help, I will do it again :)

This last one is from Margee Adkins. Love the quilting on this one. I am going to copy you Margee. Hope you don't mind :) After all, isn't that how we learn? By finding something we love and doing it ourselves?

Thank you ladies for sending these quilts along! They have been added to the huge and ever increasing pile. I just wish I knew how many I had. I'm sure it is almost if not over 1,000 quilts now.

I have lots of people coming to help with the packing party. I sure hope they bring cake. I love cake.

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