Monday, May 30, 2011

quilting today

Despite the never ending migraine and house guests, I am finding time to get some quilting in :)

Quilting makes me happy. That is a good thing, because the pile of quilt tops seems to be never ending. I love that. Have I told you before that when I get down to about 20 quilt tops, I start to get nervous? I can't sleep and start to worry? Well, no worries here. I have plenty to keep me busy. Do you see your quilt top getting closer to finished? These will be headed to Rhoda later this week to be bound and boxed for Japan. I wonder how many more I can get done today. My house guests don't get up very early so I try to be respectful of their sleeping and wait until they are awake before running the quilting machine. Now that they are awake, I can make all of the noise I want! I just loaded more backing on the frame and the 50 yard roll of batting I got from and am good to go for a little bit! As long as the migraine meds don't knock me out, I should be able to get a few more quilts done today.

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