Tuesday, January 26, 2016

tiresome Tuesday

I didn't sleep well last night so today I was dragging a bit.  I want to cut out and sew together some dog sweaters, but first I have to recuperate a bit from the drain of the day.  I love teenagers because they have so much energy and sometimes their energy is contagious, but sometimes their energy sucks my energy.  I wish I could figure out a way to tap into the free energy source teenagers provide.

There is a new student in the morning class that shares the room I have in the afternoon.  He is a student with autism and he LOVES science.  He was there yesterday and today at lunch to make sure he had the information correct and I think I have a new best friend.  Yesterday he explained to me about how high frequency light waves get trapped in our atmosphere and how they can be used to create artificial intelligence.  He knew all sorts of things about electromagnetic radiation, the earth's magnetic field and the ionosphere.  He drew me a picture of how a rocket could be built using the earth's magnetic field as a power source.

Today he was back with some new drawings and explained his ideas for vehicles powered by magnetic fields.  He said of course, they would be invisible.  When I asked him how they would be turned on and off, he said there would be a switch, but I wasn't so sure you could find the car to turn it on.  He's a very interesting student to talk to because he has so many ideas and has really thought them through.

I hope he is able to connect with a mentor who can help him try out some of his ideas.  Every child needs a mentor to help them reach their potential.

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