Sunday, January 24, 2016

jumping trout

I bought this quilting design for a retirement quilt for a guy I worked with and really like the way it looks.  It stitches out so nicely and looks great on dark colored fabrics.  The little burgundy fabric has fish on it, so I thought this would be the perfect fabric to go with this design.  The greens in this quilt are really just patterned fabric so adding the fancy quilting design really makes this quilt.

My son came home from college again this weekend.  He got a call from the robotics team asking for help with some programming and figured it would be easier to help in person.  Plus, the rowing team was having another party last night and he really doesn't like hanging out with drunk people.  I guess he needed an excuse to not have to go.  They are supposed to show up if they are in town to help build team spirit.  His team participated in a competition yesterday and they only took 40 of the 48 guys on the team.  He said he didn't get to go because he was too slow.  It seems like he is getting discouraged a bit.  Maybe it is the almost daily rain we have been having, or the cold mornings, or the fact that only the best guys get to go out on the boats and the slower guys get stuck on shore having to fill their time on the rowing machines, but he doesn't talk as fondly about the crew team as he did at the beginning of the year.  I'm really proud of him for sticking with it, even though it isn't as fun as it used to be.  The exercise is doing him good and he does have a couple of good friends from the team.  Plus it's good for him not to be great at everything he tries.  I think this is the first time that's happened.

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