Sunday, January 31, 2016

penguin dog

 Poor Star doesn't know what to think when I try to dress him.  He just sits there and will not move until I take off the jacket.  I wonder what goes through his little mind?  He must think I am trying to kill him!
 Lily on the other hand is a good sport about it all.  She just puts up with me trying these silly outfits on, but is happy when I take them off.  This penguin dog coat was pretty easy to make, after I figured out how to sew the front and back together instead of sewing the wrong pieces together and having to unstitch.  I thought about several ways to change the pattern to make it easier to sew and nicer once finished and can see myself modifying it to make different animals.
 But, who wouldn't want a penguin puppy?  My son's favorite animal is the penguin, so I had to get this pattern when I saw it.  I'm hoping to make several and donate to a local dog rescue group so they can make some money to help find homes for more dogs.  I know, call me crazy.  Dogs shouldn't wear clothes, but if you are never going to get grandbabies, you have to make cute little clothes for someone right?
And I don't think it is illegal to torture your dog by dressing them up.  I swore I would never put clothes on a dog, but it is kind of fun making things for my dogs.  My time would probably be better spent cleaning or grading but things just get dirty and the piles of paper seem to reappear again so quickly.  A simple diversion is better than therapy sometimes.

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