Friday, January 8, 2016

Happy Birthday Mom

Today my mom turns 82.  Happy Birthday!  She has been such an inspiration to me!  From her love for the Lord, to her love for family and her strong work ethic she is such a great person.  She taught me how to sew and crochet and encouraged me to start my Binky Patrol chapter when I couldn't find anyone to take my crochet blankets and hats.  She drove me to countless piano lessons and ballet practices and listened to the squeaks of the clarinet and I was growing up.  She brought me clean clothes when I wet my pants in first and second and even third grade!  And she has always encouraged me to do my best, no matter what my latest obsession has been, although even she thinks having four dogs is too much.  She never was an animal person and swore she would never have a dog in the house until my first dog got attacked and had to have stitches and then became an indoor dog within the first week of owning her.  She put up with my huge bug collection from rolly pollies to slugs to earwigs and blackwidow spiders.  I had ducks and pigeons and baby blue jays and a dove (that I let go because I thought it would come back on its own-but it didn't).  She took me horseback riding with the neighbor kids and there was always room in the backyard for one more friend.

I hope you have a great birthday mom!  You deserve it. 

And yes, I have been doing a little bit of quilting.  I got a request for a quilt for a student who lost his home to a fire over break.  No, he won't be getting this girly one :)  But I need to be ready for the next request.

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Sue Niven said...

Your mum did a great job in bringing you up. What a lovely Birthday tribute!