Saturday, January 30, 2016

relaxing? what is that?

 Star does not like to wear sweaters.  The fact that this is purple, probably doesn't help, not that dogs can see color.  When you put a sweater on him, he freezes.  I guess that would be good for making sure he doesn't run away!
 Spot on the other hand could care less what you do to him as long as you play with him.  I made this sweater a week ago and in that week, the poor toy as lost the battle of tug a war.  Its head has separated from its body, but now there are two toys to play with!  Win for Spot!

I would say this is a winning crochet dog sweater pattern.  I like the texture on it, but the one thing I don't care for is the neck.  It isn't stretchy enough, so I will have to do some modifications on it the next time I make the pattern.

It was a free pattern found here

I made this quilt top a long time ago and bought the backing fabric for it.  I put the backing fabric some place safe when my quilting machine broke.  I have been looking everywhere for it and finally gave up last Sunday and went out and bought new backing fabric.  It is now bound and ready to gift.

It's nice getting back into the quilting mode again.  I just wish I could quilt and sew and crochet all day and that the house would clean itself.  I wish I could push a button and dinner would be on the table, the dishes would self clean AND put themselves away.  Oh, well, I spend too much time on the computer dreaming of my next project.  I'm sure I could get more done if I unplugged for a while.

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Farm Quilter said...

I'm totally with you on the cooking and cleaning!!! Ugh! Your Star and my Tara are two peas in a pod!! She hates wearing clothes but her fur isn't dense enough to keep her warm in the winter! When I put a sweater on her, she looks embarrassed and hides in her bed - I have to drag her out :) She will do her very best to rub the offending sweater off, quite successfully most of the time! She has a pair of long-johns that has "sleeves" for all four legs and covers her chest that she can get off. If I want whatever I put on her to stay, I put a onesie on top of that and snap it up with her tail hanging out the bottom. The preemie size is small enough that she can't get it off. Cute sweater you made for your babies, but I would need a larger chest covering for my little girl.