Monday, January 18, 2016

Make a Difference Monday

What did you do to Make a Difference today?  In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I graded lab books.  Yep, that will make a difference in the lives of my kids who were lazy and turned in terrible work. :)  I also worked on organizing my quilt tops and did some more quilting.

Supposedly there are 7 stages of grief.

When my son moved out to go to college, it hit me really hard.  I was really sad and didn't want to do much of anything.  Yesterday I moved into the acceptance phase and decided that since he wasn't using his really big closet, I might as well use it to stage my quilt while they are waiting to be quilted.  My current system isn't working out for me with piles everywhere, so I started hanging them in his closet.  The problem is, he came home yesterday. :)  

He says, so I see you've started to take over my room.  Yeah, that makes four sewing rooms now.  If my daughter had taken more of her clothes with her to school, I could use her closet too.  I need to get the quilt hanging rack out of the kitchen, but that's a project for another day.

I think I matched up about 30 quilts with backing and there another 30 or so needing matches.  I pulled a bunch of really big pieces of fabric from the garage and will get back in there after I drop him back off at college.  I have a feeling I'll get stuck in traffic on the way home.  3 day weekend plus lots of snow equals a long drive home.  Oh, well, at least I got most of my grading done earlier today.

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Farm Quilter said...

That was the thing I hated most about teaching regular ed!!! There were always papers to grade!!! The best thing about teaching life skills was the lack of paper work and the fact the my kids were graded on their effort and attitude! It was wonderful! I could post grades for every period every day and always be caught up! Yeah, I got to write IEPs for all my kiddos - I was so happy when they made it so I could use a computer to write them instead of hand-writing them with NCR paper (3 copies, oh my hand always hurt!). Congrats on getting the lab books graded...frustrating to have them be so lazy and earn lousy grades that they blame on you giving them!! On the subject of kids and leaving their rooms filled...I'm wondering if there is a time limit that parents could enforce removal of all their "stuff"?? Heck, 2 are married, another one lives with her boyfriend in a house they are buying and the other has finished 9 years of college and is working in her chosen field 2 hours long must I keep their "stuff" and hold their rooms sacred??? Oh, they are my husband's kids, not mine, know!