Tuesday, January 19, 2016

a very rainy Tuesday

As I sit here this morning, the rain is just pouring down outside.  I'm so appreciative of a nice, warm, dry house.  When we bought this place, we didn't notice all of the stains on the roof, or mushrooms growing out of the walls.  Whoever built this house, didn't pay attention to the way they sealed the walls or put the  gutters on.  We had about 20 places where water came in.  We called the roofer that was recommended by the real estate lady and he came out many times to try and fix the roof.  Every winter, we put out bowls and buckets to catch the drops.  We had towels by every window that had to be changed every couple of hours.  The water poured in the garage.

Finally, I asked for some recommendations from friends and found a different roofer who came out and sent some guys up into the attic.  They found a hole in the roof about 3 foot square that had just been covered with shingles.  No wonder the rain was just pouring in.  Once that hole was fixed, the rain stopped coming in.  Crazy, who would have thought that putting a bandaid on the problem rather than getting to the source of the problem isn't the way to go.

We still need to paint over all of the stains, but they are a reminder to always look for the root of the problem in any situation.

We live next to a field and for the past five years or so, the little lake hasn't been there in the winter.  Just yesterday, the little lake showed up.  Looks like we are getting enough rain to start solving the drought problem here in Northern California.  I don't know what we will talk about now.  Flooding maybe?  Seems we always need something to complain about when it comes to weather.  It's not like we can actually do anything about it.

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