Wednesday, January 20, 2016

our lake is back

 This is the road I have to take to get to work.  They have shut down the main road to build an overpass that should be open next year and there is now only one way to get to work if you don't want to take the freeway.  It is a 20 minute detour and some pretty poor planning by the city.  The road floods when it rains.  Who would have thought after 4 years of drought that this would be the year of rain?  There were some pretty big puddles in the morning and we got word by 1pm that most of the road had been flooded.  Luckily by 4:30 when I went home, the road had cleared.
This morning I woke up to see our lake back!  So exciting.  I haven't seen it in about 5 years.  It is full of Canada Geese as well.  I'm sure they missed it.  They come back every winter and hang out in the little creek that goes by the house, but I'm sure they like the lake much better.  There are probably 100 of them and it's really fun to watch them fly in formation in the morning and evening in groups of 10 or so.  I just love where I live, right on the edge of the city and I hope they never develop this area.  The field is usually filled with cows and I've seen foxes, skunks, raccoons, otters and lots of different kinds of birds.  We have access to the gravel path which goes about 1/2 mile to the right and 1/4 mile to the left and it's great for walking the dogs.  The little creek is where I get the snails for the 'snail lab' we do every year.

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Sue Niven said...

Wonderful news on the lake.