Friday, March 2, 2012

conversations with a 7 year old

Last night my little guy asked me who I was going to vote for for President.  I said I wasn't sure who was going to be the candidate against President Obama. 

He said that I should run for president.  I asked him if he thought a woman could be president since we have never had a woman president before.  He said that we should have a woman be president at least one time.

So I asked him what we would do if I won.  I couldn't be presdient from Vacaville, Ca.  We would have to move all the way across the country to Washington DC.  He said, no, that is just two states above us. 

We had to get a map so I could show him that Washington state and Washington DC are two different places.  He got his State coins map and we looked at just how far away the Capital is.  We have driven to my parents' house in Colorado and that took us two days.  We figured it would take us 6 days to drive all the way across the country.

He thinks and then says, "Well, I would have to miss a whole week of school then.  I'm not sure you should be President."

"But then, you could boss everyone around, except for Alaska, because nobody lives in Alaska.  It is too cold there."

My older son has a best friend who moved to Alaska last year.  I reminded him about that.  Oh, well, except for Kyle.

"Who tells Kyle what to do?"

I say, "There are police in Alaska too.  They boss people around and make sure they follow the rules, even in Alaska."

"What about all of these places?," he says, pointing to the US Territories.  "Are there police here too?"

Yep, even there.

"So, the President gets to boss people around from here (pointing to Florida) to here (pointing to Washington).  Maybe you should be President."

So, if you see my name on the ballot, or you aren't sure which candidate to vote for, just write me in!  My son would be happy to have his mom boss people around.  Of course, everyone in the country would have to learn to make quilts.  That would be the first law I would make.  And the police would come to your house to enforce the law.  The Quilt Police of course!


Needled Mom said...

That is hysterical!!! You must be a great boss. sister moved to Alaska this year so that is two people anyway.

LJ said...

Thank you for such a cute story; it made me smile. "You all just have to quilt, it's the law." - LOVE IT!