Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Do you EQ?

I've been drooling over the EQ (electric quilt) programs for a couple of years and every time they come out with an upgrade, think that maybe I should get myself the program.  I just can't seem to justify spending that kind of money on a computer program.

What are your thoughts on EQ?  Do you have it?  Do you use it?  Do you love it?

Right now, EQ7 is about $189 and EQ5 is about $109.  Is there that much difference between the two programs?  That's a lot of money!  With 4 kids and all the 'needs' these guys have, it is hard to justify spending that kind of money on a fun toy.  I have so many quilt patterns that I could never make them all, but when I'm trying to design this quilt for the blog hop next week and I can't quite see what it is going to look like, it sure would be fun to have a computer program to do the work for me. 

But, then I might just be tempted to play on the computer more and quilt less.

What are your thoughts?  Do you EQ?

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jirons42 said...

I know some people swear by EQ but for myself, I have EQ6 and almost never use it. I'm not a very creative person and find I like following established patterns much more and there are patterns to be found everywhere.