Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Birthdays

Dr Seuss is 107 today and I totally forgot, but my Binky Patrol group had its 8th birthday on Feb 26th.  I can't believe we have been around for 8 years already.  I wish I would have counted how many quilt and blankets we have made and donated, but I'm not really good at such things.  Oh, well, I know it is well over 5,000.  That's a lot of warm, happy kids getting hugged!

Today is a day I miss teaching first grade.  I would dress up in my Cat in the Hat costume and read, read, read!  I asked my son what he is doing today and he says they will 'drop and read for 30 minutes'.  I guess by the time you are old and in 2nd grade, you don't get to have Green Eggs and Ham, dress up in PJ's and play all day.  Too much learning to get done!

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