Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lotto Fever

I was hoping this post would say I won the lottery and quit my job, but alas, the good Lord has other plans for me :)

Lottery fever struck and I bought in with my co-workers.  We all put in $20 and got $260 worth of tickets.  I think we got back like $7 in winnings.  Woo Hoo!  I just hope the investment goes to a good cause :)

I remember waaaaay back when they first started the lottery in California and we voted whether to allow it or not.  It was pushed as a way to help California schools.  The deal was something like half the money raised was supposed to go to the schools.  Well, the part they left out was the money funded by the lottery that was currently paid by taxes was going to be taken away and given to other things, so really schools haven't gotten any more money than they did before the lottery came to California.  In fact, we are getting less and less.  Schools are a huge cost in California and whenever there is a need to cut spending, education is the first place anyone looks to cut.  I wish someone would ask me.  I have lots of ideas on how to cut spending.  But, nobody asks. :)  When you work in a school, you see just how much waste there really is.  The big guys who make the rules don't ever see where the money goes, but they tell us how to spend the money.  If there were any kind of incentives for saving money, we could really save.  But they tell us if we don't spend it, they will cut our budgets, so we spend.  That's dumb.  How about letting us decide on how to spend the money we get, since we are the ones teaching the kids?  We would be way thriftier that they ever could be and could probably save 25-50% just by shopping around if we knew we could spend the savings on other things we wanted or needed for the classrooms.  But because we can't, we just spend it like they tell us to and waste is everywhere.

Anyways, I have a quilt to finish up for the QOV Blog hop this week and I have to go back to work on Monday :)  So, off my soap box and back to work!

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