Saturday, March 17, 2012

sometimes when I get an idea in my head

Like yesterday when I decided what a great idea it would be to make a Blood Donor shirt for the teacher at our school who organizes all of the blood drives...

So, today, I woke up and decided I should head out to the Goodwill stores and search for some blood donor shirts.  I found 7 at the three different thrift stores I went to so far today.  What I really should be working on is quilting the quilts I have here, but the search is so much more fun.  Good thing the stores are having 50% off sales today in honor of St. Patrick's Day!  My husband thinks I just wanted another excuse to go to the thrift store :)  He's probably right.

I quilted up this nice big boy type quilts yesterday and it is ready to be bound.  I need to box up another batch of quilts and get them in the mail.  It has rained really hard all week and today was finally not raining.  I need to get to the post office, but just don't have the energy after this morning's hunt.  I also need to get out and get some corned beef and cabbage for dinner, but not sure that will happen either.  My son who loves the stuff is at Disneyland today so maybe we will have it for dinner tomorrow.  His high school band played in a festival in Anaheim yesterday and so today they celebrate with a fun filled adventure.  Too bad they are having a rainy day today.  It never rains in Southern California!  Poor kids!


jirons42 said...

What the heck is a Blood Donor shirt?

plastic stanchions said...

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