Monday, March 19, 2012


This article is about a woman in my city who was shot in her home while looking out the window.  I found out today that she is the parent of one of my students.  That student just switched schools because she is going to be living with her aunt.

And we want these kids to go home and do their homework.

They go home to an unstable home environment that isn't safe.  This is the second student this year involved in a shooting.  I have another student who came in all excited one Monday asking if I read about his family in the paper.  He said when the cops came to search his house, they took his backpack.  He hasn't done much work since then.  I guess his parents are too busy with their own troubles to worry about replacing the backpack.

And I work at a safe school...or so I thought.

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quilt happy said...

that is awful that things have gotten that bad