Monday, March 19, 2012

More of my blood donor shirts

Here are the rest of my blood donor shirts I have at home. I have two more at school that I was going to give to my friend whose husband donates blood all the time.  I think I've given him at least 10 shirts so far.  Now, I'm going to bring them home and make them into a quilt for her.  She is really sick with lupus and her body is shutting down.  A comfort quilt will help remind her to slow down and rest.  She is a teacher at my school and we share a lot of the same students.  Most of those students are little stinkers and are giving the substitute a really hard time.  My friend feels really bad and wants to come back and it is stressing her out that her students are misbehaving.  She need to just let it go and let the school deal with the bad behavior.  As a teacher, I understand how she is feeling, but it isn't helping her to recover and to rest.

Now, I'm on a mission to get more shirts so I can finish up both of these quilts quickly.

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Nancy said...

I have never seen these shirts and wonder if they are just in select regions of the country.