Friday, March 23, 2012


I should be thankful, but I'm really just mad.  I haven't had a migraine this bad in a while.  I hate when they come along and steal my time and energy and happiness.  They hurt and they suck the life out of me :( 

Yesterday the power was out at school when I got there and the kids were wound up.  I had a migraine in the morning and it got worse as the day went along.  Of course the kids don't really care how you are feeling, everything centers around them.  The power came on right before lunch, but the kids didn't really care, they wanted to go home.  They didn't think they should have to do anything because something was different with their day.

I'm pretty sure this migraine was triggered by the stress of Wednesday.  The school I teach at has no principal this year.  We have one in name, but he doesn't do anything.  He makes no decision and doesn't want to ruffle anyone's feathers, so is letting the teachers make the decisions, or pushing things off until next year when they can hire a real principal.  We had two meetings on Wednesday the Abraham Lincoln saying of "Its better to remain silent and be thought a fool than open your mouth a remove all doubt" quote sure rang true. We have some very foolish teachers at my school.  I wonder how they ever became teachers in the first place.  There were some very foolish things said and it got me pretty upset about how the world is headed, at least in my little part of it.

After school at the staff meeting, things didn't go much better and the stress level just increased.  I wish I had a stop button or could just learn to let things go.  Maybe I need to take my mp3 player and listen to music instead of the foolishness that is said at these things.  20 years from now it won't make a difference, but tomorrow it will.  I just need to not care so much.  That would help too.

So, today I sit with day 2 of the migraine and feel sorry for myself. 

At least all I have to do this weekend is grade papers :)

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